Word Vomit

Samantha Juran K.
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o, say can you see
my eyes, if you can then my hair's too short!

2, 3, 4 penguins, angst, atm$, banning sunflower seeds, being unpredictable, being-an-elitist indie-kid, boss battles, braceface mcgoodhair, capslock!harry, captain planet, capture the flag, chipmunk-boy, crossdressing, daniel tosh, elephant 6, fandom, femmeslash, flirting, gay boys, girly pirates, hagley and shamxy series, hair, halo 2 without subtitles, having mad skills, having-heated-arguments-with-pizza-delivery-boys, hippie chicks, hippie koolaid, independent films, individuality, inside jokes, jake haley, jake tech support, jeff mangum, jesus air freshener, jimi hendrix, kissing the clock, la vie boheme, living at jake's house, long live ubiquitous serendipity!, love♥, macintosh, making mixed cds, man-shovels, marilyn monroe, moar emo fly!, music, mwpp, my personal cheerleaders, not being background boy, not rent-a-center, orange koolaid, paris hilton fat camp, patchoulli, peace, philosophy, pirates, prince charming, procrastinating, remus lupin, rockbanding, rocky horror, rocky-balboa-smacking-people-with-canes, roller disco, safety pins, sarcasm, secret notes, sg lyke woah, shipping, slamming-jars-like-a-manly-man, slash, smelling like marijuana, spontaneity, sunchips = jesus, superheroes, ted-turner-is-captain-planet, telling secrets, the 60's, the marauders, the shoebox project, various library positions, villains, vintage fashion, voyaging with vampires, whipped cream, womanly shovels, xboxes that work